Capsules v. Tablets | Supplements For Spiritual Health
I have realized that the entire time I’ve been discussing vitamin and mineral supplements, and now herbs, I have never blogged about the form of the supplement.  I personally prefer capsules and I’ll tell you why.   Have you noticed that they cost more money?  There is a good reason.  Tablets contain fillers, binders and sometimes coatings. The coating is usually sugar and maybe a flavor.  Tablets may have less of an absorption rate then those that come in capsule or liquid form. This is due to the fact that the coating on a tablet may act as a barrier and could reduce the dissolve rate of the pill. Therefore it could allow the tablet to pass through the stomach and intestines with some of it still intact, resulting in a lack of nutrients into one’s blood stream and your money going right down the toilet!

To make a tablet all kinds of fillers and binders are needed to make the tablet stay in tablet form including a heat process which capsules don’t need. As we are all moving into the “health conscious era” we need to be aware that the overall standards of what we are taking may not always be as high a quality as one would expect. Just because the label says it is a vitamin, please don’t assume that it is quality.

A lot of tablet manufacturers are aimed at making a profit, the capsule manufacturers are focused on good health and profit otherwise they wouldn’t exist, and the effort that it takes to produce a capsule is far more involved than stamping a tablet together, and the care and effort that is taken to protect the active ingredients in a capsule are far greater.

To receive the same absorption rate you would with an encapsulated pill you would most likely have to take more tablets then the recommended dosage and at different times of the day to get the absorption you desire.  It would take a Ph.D. to figure out that one for you!

The absorption rate for encapsulated nutrients is much higher and your body will reap more benefits from these products. This way you get more “bang for you buck.”  Most nutritional capsules are made out of some sort of gelatin and start dissolving almost immediately in the stomach. This allows for less waist and a happier blood stream.

You may get a great discount on a tablet but in the long run you are actually paying more as you will need to take more to get what is in a capsule. One capsule and one tablet of the same supplement are NOT created equal.

Liquid is, of course, the easiest to digest and absorb; but most vitamins and minerals taste awful and to make them palatable, flavors and dyes may be added.  Read your label carefully.  I always take Melatonin in liquid form, but I stay away from the liquids that contain 6% alcohol.  With my CFS/ME disorder, the alcohol is like poison to my system.  When I first began to take Melatonin, I took tablets.  Big mistake, they didn’t work.  Then I went to sublingual, but liquid works so fast for me that in 15 minutes I am asleep.

Keep vitamins and supplements in a dark, cool, dry place (avoid bathrooms and other damp spots).Make sure all supplements are stored on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet, out of children’s reach.Some vitamins and supplements lose their viability when they sit on the shelf for too long. Do a regular check of your vitamins and supplements and throw out any that are past their expiration date

I hope this has been helpful to you.