Why should you use this duplicate file finder on your Mac?  The reasons are simple:

Save time – The amount of hours and possibly days that you would spend going through each file, folder and application can be better spent doing something you would actually enjoy doing. Using Gemini 2 means you will not have to spend more than a few moments eliminating duplicates.

Control – Even though this application is doing all of the work, there is still the option for you to get involved. The scan can happen and delete duplicates automatically, or the application can scan and find the duplicates as well as similar files and present them to you to make the final call.

Efficiency – If you were to go through everything on your computer on the search for duplicates, you would certainly miss a few files or folders in the process. A complete scan of your systems is something that Gemini 2 can be relied on to do. This means you will never have duplicates hiding on your Mac, especially considering this app will even find duplicates in iPhoto.

The Ideal Duplicate File Finder for a Mac

Gemini 2 is the revamped version of the original Gemini. This newest version is a must-have app for anyone that wants to ensure their system is working perfectly.  This app uses a learning algorithm to assess which files are duplicates and delete them.

This application uses 10 different criteria to determine which files are duplicates or which ones have similarities. This program also works as a music and photo duplicate finder so you can eliminate more unnecessary material from your computer.

How does the Gemini software work? Using this criterion and a Smart Select system that learns as you use it, your Mac will not only begin to eliminate duplicates but also be able to more accurately determine which files you would like to keep. Every time you use this app to scan your system and eliminate duplicates for you or scan and present you with the findings to go through, it will become even more efficient.

How much will Gemini 2 cost you? This application is offered as a free trial so users can test out the system. If you are satisfied with the trial, and we think you will be, then you can get a license for Gemini 2 for less than $20 and then you can get multiple licenses at a discounted rate.

What if you are already using Gemini for Mac? If you have already invested in the original scanner but would like the features that come with the upgrade, then there are discounted rates to get a license for Gemini 2.

What are users of the software saying? It is clear after reading just a few reviews of the application that users are loving the features and the benefits of using such an efficient and easy-to-navigate program.

How to Use Gemini 2

Using Gemini 2 could not be easier. Once you install the application on your Mac, whether this is in a trial or you have bought the license, you simply need to open the application to get started. Here you will see a window that allows you to scan your computer or select files to be scanned by the program.

You will be able to choose whether you would like Gemini 2 to do all of the work or whether you would like to have the final say in what is deleted.

Where Gemini Is the Most Effective

The benefits of using this software to find duplicate files on a Mac are clear, but where is this system the best at eliminating duplicates and freeing up space for you to use? The places where your computer will store the most duplicates is in downloads, your music and your photos. This can mean having exact duplicates or having two files or photos that are similar.

Using this Gemini 2 is the best way to see where you have taken too many pictures of one thing or have too many different versions of a song.